preambule’s little girl

Hi everyone !

This is my new blog. My name is Amalia Azizah. I was born on 31 Desember 1995. I live in West Java, Indonesia. I like playing computer and watching dramas or films. And my motto is

Ganbatte! Cayo! Hwaiting! Fighting! Semangat!


2 thoughts on “preambule’s little girl

  1. may !! ayo may post FF kamu !! kamu udah jadi author loh !! ganbatte may-chan !! aku post FF buat kamu itu loh di FFindo !! haha !! pada suka lagi !! kamu juga harus ngomen plus ngelike in !! harussss !! okok ??!
    aku pnasaran sama klanjutan ff amay !! saranghaeyo !! haha !! (digetok pacar amay ! siapa ?!)

  2. may-chan ganbatte !! chukhamnida !! cepet post FF kamu ya may !! kamu udah jadi author FFindo loh !! may !! aku post FF aku yang buat kamu itu loh !! pada suka lagi may !! haha !! may-chan !! kamu harus komen plus ngelike in FF ituh !! haruussss !! may !! aku penasaran sama klanjutan FF muh itu !! ayo may bikin part 2 nya !! okok ??! may-chan .. saranghaeyo !! haha !! (digetok sama pacar amay !! hah ?! siapa ?! – amay : taemin tau !!) haha !!

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