Fans Surprised With SHINee’s Live Comeback Stage

A video of SHINee’s comeback performance without the MR has been garnering much interest.

SHINee (Onew, JongHyun, Key, Minho, Taemin) made their comeback on the 23rd through KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank‘ with ‘UP&DOWN‘ and ‘Lucifer‘.

As soon as the broadcast was over, various internet sites had SHINee’s MR-free video posted. A video without MR is a video with the music sound reduced, putting as much emphasis on the live microphone sound as possible. This is so that the viewer can hear just the singer’s voice, getting a better listen at their singing skills.

Despite their ornate choreography, SHINee’s live singing was close to perfect. Netizens commented, “I thought it was a CD,” “I can’t believe that the MR was removed,” and, “I thought there was a lot of auto-tuning, but there isn’t.”

Fans also commented, “I think they ate their CDs,” “They shouldn’t be called SHINee, but CDNee,” “They really must have worked hard,” and, “This is why you can’t help but like SHINee.”

Minho sat during their performance due to his injured leg.

Check out the video fans are raving about below.

Source: Lee Uhn Hyuk / Randy19977
Translation: ch0sshi


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