[UFO] Minho’s UFO Replies 100811

Translation is under the cut

[fan] Between Kyuhyun oppa and Changmin oppa, who will win?
Minho oppa who will win?
[minho] Er..Me..^^ Because I’m maknae~

[fan] Minho ah~~~~ I should like this ^^
[minho] Mm~ I replied like this ^^

[fan] Minho oppa~ I’m playing soccer for my sports meet. How should I kick the ball to make it fly very far?
[minho] Look at the ball carefully, aim properly before you kick! Will fly very far~ Heh

[fan] Minho ah~ Tell me your secret to growing tall.. Don’t secretly grow tall yourself! Let’s grow tall together with noona ^^
[minho] Eat well and sleep well

[fan] Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin, everyone is waiting to watch Night Star right?
[minho] Of course! heh. Everyone too right?


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