SHINee’s Key updates me2day with a cute message to Jonghyun

Friday, 8 April is Jonghyun’s birthday. He is now 21 years old or 22 years old (in Korea). For congratulating that day, Key uploads his photo with Jonghyun and they make funny faces.


[Key]생일축하기념!!! 팬여러분과의 생일파티도 재밌었습니다! (내가 준 썬크림으로 피부미남 되세요.)


[Key] Peringatan untuk perayaan ulang tahun! Pesta ulang tahun dengan fans kami sangat menarik! (Sedang menjadi seorang anak yang tampan cantik dengan suncream yang aku berikan.)

Eng trans

[Key] Party for a birthday celebration! Birthday party with our fans is very exciting! (try to be a pretty good-looking boy with suncream that I gave.)



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