Translucent View Classroom in Japan

Kanagawa Institute of Technology, that’s the official name of a technology isntitute located in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

High school who stood in 1963 was actually not a big famous school, but what makes them unique is the uniqueness of all walls of the building structure that has a translucent material made ​​of glass.

Kanagawa institute glass building design is designed by architect group Junga Ishigami, this unique building design will require about 350 construction glass concrete and thousands of super-strong column that used to form walls.

Glass building design is intended for all students inside technology garage room can interact with nature around so it will clear up their mind which is always burdened with a variety of technology course material. And incidentally, in the vicinity of glass buildings, there is a humble garden with peponona green glass building that make this institute more beauty.

Unfortunately, this institute building destroyed by the Tsunami

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