6 Kpop Idols that shine not only on stage

Being an idol is not something that is easy especially if you have to split time with school. Time to shoot and practice singing and dancing should be divided by time for homework and studying.

The following 6 Kpop idol that can divide their time well so that they can still shine, both on stage and at school.

1. Onew ‘SHINee’

Leader Onew own experience how difficult it became a trainee at the agency while still in school. But he managed to take each exam and school pride.

“I’m actually shy, but in high school I started learning to sing while studying hard. The result I got the second rank of all students in school, “said Onew.

2. Taecyeon ’2PM’

In 2PM, Taecyeon always look cool and showed no signs of someone who likes to learn. And he mastered English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese. He was also a runner, footballer, and members of the jazz club at her school.

“My life in America is very boring. Usually I spend time just to learn, “said Taecyeon.

3. Kyuhyun ‘Super Junior’

Known as the son of the owner of an academy and business education, Cho Kyuhyun ever won an Olympic mathematics at school. Before the debut of Super Junior, Kyu graduated CSAT (Collegiate Scholastic Aptitude Test), tests with the graduation standards that can be accepted in any Korean university.

4. Seohyun ‘SNSD’

Although she’s super busy with the SNSD, the youngest member Seohyun still trying to go to college if there is time. On the internet was widely circulated photographs Seohyun undergoing lectures or studying. Seohyun currently enrolled at Dongguk University majoring in theater and film.

5. Ye Eun ‘Wonder Girls’

Ye Eun is a honor student in her junior high school. Her grades are above average once displayed on the television program ‘Star King’. All subjects except mathematics scored 90, who scored 86. However, Ye Eun still modest by stating that he was not that clever.

6. Yang Seungho ‘MBLAQ’

On a television show, Seungho ever showed the ability to speak English. He turned out to pass the TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication) with a satisfactory value in junior high.

“Believe it or not, I earned 680 points during the TOEIC test,” said Seungho.


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