This woman is willing to extend his tongue to speak Korean perfectly

Rhiannon Brooksbank-Jones, from Beeston, Notts, England, was eager to speak the Korean language with perfect pronunciation. But unfortunately, she can not pronounce some words properly because her tongue was too short.
The dentist says 19 year old girl, Rhiannon’s tongue is shorter than the average person. That made ​​her unable to speak “L” sound in Korean correctly. Though she plans to stay in Korea after graduating college.
To the solution, she decided to lengthen her tongue with surgery with extra skin taken from her body. Now, her new tongue is one centimeter longer than before.
“Some say, I do it excessively, but I am a perfectionist,” she said as quoted from TheSun.
Now she can recite the Korean language with the accent perfectly.
Rhiannon’s mother, Fiona, said her daughter, if she wants something, she will do so sincerely and wholeheartedly.


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