2PM Have a Good Attitude

2PM recently appeared in Japanese music program and show that they have good manners. They cover Japanese girl’s foot with their jackets.
Japanese broadcaster NHK’s major music program, Music Japan, aired a special segment called K-Pop Artist. At the event, Japanese Group Perfume visiting 2PM backstage room and talked with them briefly. 2PM also sang their song “I’m Your Man”.
Taecyeon cover Ayano Omoto’s feet with a jacket when she appeared uncomfortable with the shorts. Everyone was surprised. Ayano smiled and said, “You’re very wise. Thank you. ”
After that other 2PM members also do the same for members of the Perfume and they thanked him.
People who saw the interview said: “Members of the 2PM as prince in a fairy tale.” “They make up the Korean guy image.”
The Japanese also said: “. I hope the Japanese men like 2PM “” Are all the Korean people like that? I’m jealous of Perfume. ”
Check it out!

Source : DKP News


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