SHINee’s fashion styles !

SHINee known for their unique dress sense. Like what SHINee dress style since his debut with ‘Replay’, to expand into the Japanese music industry?
Has a special designer for each appearance, no wonder SHINee affairs has always been a trendsetter for clothing. Ha Sang Baek is the name of the designer behind the clothes and knick-knacks SHINee’s debut appearance. Like what SHINee fashion style changes from the beginning until now?

1. ‘Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)’

In the first video clip, SHINee performance is still very smooth almost without makeup stand out. Match the image to younger men for older beautiful women like the lyrics of the song. They began to introduce a pair of colorful sneakers above combined with ankles that is equally colorful.

2. ‘Love Like Oxygen’

Not too far from ‘Replay’, in this song SHINee is still wearing colorful shirts and pants. The difference is the five of them seem to have got used to wearing clothes that are unique so their facial expression became more relaxed when wearing it.

3. ‘Ring Ding Dong’

‘Ring Ding Dong’ began to show a different side of SHINee. They are no longer the little brother of colorful pants. In the music videos they appear dark with black clothes and white. Not forgetting a big wing animations on their backs. SHINee are felt at all growing up.

4. ‘Lucifer’

‘Lucifer’ is a breakthrough for the style of SHINee. When they appeared, fans were shocked by the drastic change of style Onew, Jonghyum, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Key even cut down some of his hair while Jonghyun comes with a backless dress. They appear with the accessories not only necklaces and bracelets, even covered the calf. Do not forget to make up an increasingly prominent, almost in every appearance they present with smokey eyes makeup.

5. ‘Hello’

After appearing gothic in ‘Lucifer’, ‘Hello’ again showing a softer SHINee. Although often still appear dark, but the key is not on the color. They wore animal motifs or animal-shaped accessories specifically for ‘Hello’.

6. Japanese music market

January 2011 SHINee began performing on Japan’s stage. But only in May 2011 they released the song ‘Replay’ in the language of Sakura’s. SHINee re-dress that is not much different from three years ago when the first debut, but this time they are more daring by wearing lots of accessories.

Any changes to style it shows SHINee’s not just singers, they are trend-setting. Evidenced by many brands that want to become a sponsor for SHINee because they could be a trend among young people. Until today they are still sponsored by shoe companies and cosmetics. Are you ready to perform SHINee-style?


2 thoughts on “SHINee’s fashion styles !

  1. nice,i really like shinee ,but not snsd ,,and in shinee taemin is the cutest i like him like a brother ,he is cute and good at dancing .I am also good at dancing ,,,,so hey taemin HIGH 5

    ….hey shinee don’t think about who i am u don’t need to know
    i know u guys don’t know me cuz am famous than u
    super junior,fx,shinee ,girls genertion)

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