Salamander Guru and the Shadows – Choi Minho’s Character

“Salamander Guru and the Shadows” is one of SBS new sitcom (Situation Comedy) which broadcast two days before Dream High 2, exactly on 27 January 2012.

Flaming Charisma Choi Minho SHINee as Minhyuk.
Minhyuk is a genius of IT. That’s just like a gift. Minhyuk father was born a genius, a computer expert. Not surprisingly, all things related to computers for Minhyuk already ingrained. Growing up with the idea of ​​hackers from the father, to learn about fun hacking with his father, Minhyuk become the charming handsome hacker.

Minhyuk must bear the burden of his father’s lethal disease, nothing can be done to meet the needs of his family in addition to gambling. One reason for his conduct illegal gambling, just so Minhyuk could survive. Until finally, his father died.

After his father died, Minhyuk was adopted by a family who decided to live abroad to raise Minhyuk. Minhyuk keep honing his ability, he dissolved with all sorts of things related to computers. Until finally, Minhyuk develop social phobia.

Right at the age of 20 years, Minhyuk decided to go back to Korea. The ultimate goal is to find someone who called X. X is one of those who involved in Minhyuk father’s death. All memory in the brain directs Minhyuk on X. Sure, He is genius.

Minhyuk know that the people who will tell him about X is Salamander Guru knows all the secrets about X. For the sake of finding Salamander Guru, Minhyuk had no choice but to help the false teachers.

With a super hacking abilitiy, Minhyuk successfully control the thoughts of Seondal with the help of a glass, until finally Minhyuk get the code that his father left off. The code was obtained by collecting all of his childhood memory one by one. Living together with Seondal and Wonsam Wonsam make Minhyuk learn to socialize.

“Salamander Guru and the Shadows” will be aired every Friday at SBS.


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