SHINee’s noona fans display their love for the group with their artistic talent

Leading Hallyu idol group SHINee has some dedicated noona fans who like to display their unconditional love for the boys with their impressive artistic talent.

The photos above recently surfaced on an online community site with the title, ‘Idol noona fans’ amazing dedication, SHINee’s fans’ dedication.’

A few talented noona fans had carefully carved the words ‘SHINee’, ‘Onew‘, and more out of pencil lead, creating a masterpiece that undoubtedly took a lot of time to complete.

Onlookers who came across the photos could definitely feel the fans’ love for SHINee by taking one look at their work.

Netizens who who were amazed at the meticulously crafted pencils remarked, “That workmanship…“, “They are not fans. They are Gods,” and more.

The boys of SHINee recently celebrated their 4th anniversary.

Source & Image: HeraldM


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