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What Is Love (2012)

>> What Is Love (Korean Ver.)

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History (2012)

>> 01 History (Korean Ver.)

>> 01 History (Mandarin Ver.)

MAMA (2012)

>> MAMA (Korean Ver.)

>> MAMA (Mandarin Ver.)

What is Love MV (Korean Version)

What is Love MV (Chinese Version)

History (Korean Version)

History (Chinese Version)

MAMA (Korean Version)

MAMA (Chinese Version)



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SHINee reveals making-of video from ‘THE FIRST’ photoshoot

As the clock winds down towards SHINee‘s very first Japanese album, fans have been waiting patiently for previews of the surprise waiting ahead.

A making-of video from their jacket photoshoot for “THE FIRST“ has surfaced online, stuffed to the brim with tons of eye-candy. The members are seen decked out in a style that mixes Harajuku street chic with boyish accents — a combination that works out perfectly for SHINee. There are moments of silliness on set, but for the most part, fans will melt over the boys’ hypnotic charm.

Check out their behind-the-scenes video below!

Urban Zakapa stirs hearts with “The Spring Picture” MV

Nine member indie jazz band Urban Zakapa has earned the respect of music aficionados in Korea and beyond with their soulful voices and moving melodies. Through their agency Fluxus Music (also behind Loveholics, Clazziquai Project, W&Whale and more), this group of talents has released the music video for “The Spring Picture”, a beautiful track off their newest album, ‘01‘.

Featuring four vocalists and five instrumentalists, this unique band charms the ears with a beautiful and soothing sound. Their ballad, “The Spring Picture” features a simple piano melody as the vocalists take turns to croon moving lyrics about love.

01 features songs under the R&B ballad genre, and was released earlier this year in May featuring fifteen tracks. This album marks Urban Zakapa’s latest release, following “Café Latte” and “Sweety You”, both released in 2009.