SHINee to take you on a ‘SURPRISE VACATION’ through their travel note


Remember when SHINee took you along on their vacation through ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day‘?

Well, they’re going to be taking you on the same trip again, but this time not through the camera lens but through their own travel note called ‘SHINee SURPRISE VACATION‘. SM Entertainment said, “The travel note has the many stories of the SHINee members as they traveled through Switzerland, Thailand, England, and Japan. The book contains beautiful scenery and the member’s daily activities, so it’ll interest not only the fans but also travel maniacs.”

This isn’t the first travel-related book from the group as Taemin, Onew, and Key have already published ‘The Sun’s Children‘ on their trip to Barcelona. So this second one should be something to look forward to! It will hit shelves on the 25th!

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EXO reveals yearbook-like teaser photos for comeback with ‘XOXO’!


EXO is coming back! You better believe it because it’s really actually confirmed this time around with the release of teaser photos!

They’ll be presenting their fans, who have been waiting for ages, with their first full length album, ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)‘!

To tease you all, the boys of EXO-K and EXO-M have teamed up for teaser photos that look much like something you’d see in a school yearbook!

It’s said that the 12 members will promote together traveling back and forth between Korea and China to once again show off powerful stages that are sure you make you swoon all over again.

Starting on the 17th, individual teasers will be released one by one, so stay tuned for more to come!


source: Allkpop
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EXO reveals new group teaser photos for ‘XOXO’ comeback


As you all know by now, EXO is finally getting ready to return after what seems like forever, and they’re continuing the excitement with more photos!

Ahead of the boys’ first full length album, ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)‘, coming up, the group has unveiled a new set of group teasers showing the boys shedding their school uniforms for a more casual, sporty attire, going from the model-student image to a more rambunctious group of students!

As mentioned earlier, EXO-K and EXO-M will be promoting as EXO (that means all 12 members) this time around and travel back and forth between Korea and China to promote!

We’ll be greeted with a new teaser each day most likely up until the release, so make sure you’re on the lookout!



source: Allkpop
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KONY 2012

The KONY 2012 campaign was started by Invisible Children, a non-profilt organization seeking to spread the awareness and end the on-going silent war in Uganda. This campaign needs support for the capture of Joseph Kony, a leader of a violent Ugandan group who abducts young children from their parents and forces them into war.

If you haven’t already, check out the 30-minute film by Invisible Children below and show your support for KONY 2012.

‘Etude’ reveals new poster featuring SHINee and 2NE1′s Dara

Cosmetics brand ‘Etude House‘ has finally unveiled an official poster with its endorsement models, SHINee and 2NE1‘s Sandara Park!

The poster promotes Etude’s new lipstick through their ‘Dear My Lips – Talk’ campaign. The dandified boys were snapped looking adoringly upon Sandara Park, who appears to be the culprit behind the lipstick marks on SHINee’s cheeks.

According to the poster, Etude will release a new CF on March 1st through YouTube. Will fans finally get to see a CF with Sandara Park and SHINee together? Judging by these teaser images of professor Jonghyun and Ms. Park, it could very well be the case!

Urban Zakapa stirs hearts with “The Spring Picture” MV

Nine member indie jazz band Urban Zakapa has earned the respect of music aficionados in Korea and beyond with their soulful voices and moving melodies. Through their agency Fluxus Music (also behind Loveholics, Clazziquai Project, W&Whale and more), this group of talents has released the music video for “The Spring Picture”, a beautiful track off their newest album, ‘01‘.

Featuring four vocalists and five instrumentalists, this unique band charms the ears with a beautiful and soothing sound. Their ballad, “The Spring Picture” features a simple piano melody as the vocalists take turns to croon moving lyrics about love.

01 features songs under the R&B ballad genre, and was released earlier this year in May featuring fifteen tracks. This album marks Urban Zakapa’s latest release, following “Café Latte” and “Sweety You”, both released in 2009.

SHINee reveals track list for “THE FIRST”

Via tokyohive:

Korean group SHINee will be releasing their first Japanese original album, “THE FIRST“, on December 7th.

The album will feature a total of 12 songs including their already released singles, “Replay -Kimi wa Boku no everything-“, “JULIETTE“, and “LUCIFER“. It will also contain 5 brand new songs including the Japanese version of “Amigo” and “The SHINee World“.

As a bonus track, the regular edition will come with “Stranger“, which is used as the theme song for the drama, “Stranger6“. The album will also come in a limited edition and a limited edition box version.

Check out the full track list below!

02. Amigo
05. To Your Heart
06. Always Love
07. Replay -Kimi wa Boku no everything-
09. Love Like Oxygen
10. Hello
11. The SHINee World
12. Seesaw
13. Stranger (Bonus Track)

Source: Tower Records Japan

Real Steel, a REAL Boxing Robot Movie!

Have you watch REAL STEEL movie ?
Last 28 October 2011, my sister and I went to the cinema. We watched a real boxing robot movie, REAL STEEL !
Now, I’ll tell you some preview of this film. Check it out!

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Victoria jokes that she and Ryeowook became a couple

On November 1st, f(x)‘s Victoria shared a photo of herself with Super Junior‘s Ryeowook.

She wrote on her me2day, ”Became the best couple with my friend, Ryeowook~ ^^ Jealous people? keke”

In the photo, Victoria and Ryeowook pose cozily together in matching blue crewneck sweaters. Since couples in Korea share ‘couple items’ like matching cell phone accessories or sweaters, Victoria decided to play up this quirk by pretending that she and Ryeowook were dating.

Fans commented, “I like Khuntoria more, but this couple is okay too~!!” “Nichkhun will be jealous” and “What about Nichkhun-oppa?”

Though the “We Got Married” Khuntoria couple shared their last episode in September, it seems that some fans aren’t quite ready to see Victoria with another man.

Source: Victoria’s me2day

SNSD’s Jessica talks about a scary incident with a stalker

During a recent recording of the popular variety show ‘Strong Heart’, SNSD member Jessica revealed a shocking story of an incident with a stalker.

She stated,

“One day after a late dinner with friends, I was returning to our dorm apartment from a taxi and there was a suspicious man with an umbrella standing outside. I thought he was someone who lived in the same complex, but I knew something wasn’t right.”

She continued,

“I told my friends to go on ahead and pressed the code to go into the dormitory. I lived on the third floor, but the elevator was on the sixth, so I decided to walk up the stairs. I had weird feeling so I turned around, and saw that an umbrella was stuck between the glass door to bypass the password protection. He was able to open the door and come in. I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could, but heard his footsteps following right behind me. I thought maybe that person also lived on the third floor or maybe the fourth. His footsteps became faster, so I ran to the dorm.

Once I got inside, I heard the man trying to yank open our door. I stayed in there quietly with the lights off and checked my phone. My friends had called me a number of times. When I called them back, they had told me the taxi driver that dropped me off told them there was something suspicious about the guy they had seen standing outside. So they had called to check up on me. I told them what happened, and my friends arrived to the dorm and the man fled. Later when I talked to other SNSD members about it, they told me that they had also seen a guy with an umbrella standing outside the building a few days before as well.”