Song Joong Ki reveals his secret dating techniques

Previously, we reported on Song Joong Ki‘s shocking confession on how he was in a relationship for two years. Upon hearing the news, fans were desperate to find the identity of his girlfriend.

On October 19th, Joong Ki finally released a statement on his dating life.

Song Joong Ki sat down for an interview with SBS‘s ‘One Night in TV Entertainment‘, and the interviewer asked questions about his current relationship status.

Song Joong Ki boldly responded, “No comment. I enjoy dating in secret.”

However, the actor did reveal his techniques on how he’d go on his secret dates. “I don’t wear hats when I go on dates. People think we are just friends. We also don’t visit the city, but rather date in remote areas where there are elders,” he said.

The reporter then asked, “When you look at a woman, where do you look?“. The actor candidly replied, “Legs. I’m a guy too. I’m attracted to sexy body lines.”

The actor also expressed his interest in tall women when he revealed, “I don’t mind if she’s taller than me“. The interviewer asked whether he had any relationships with tall women, to which he confessed, “I’ve dated one for almost 2 years.”

Lastly, the actor shared, “Normally, I don’t show aegyo, but when I’m with my girlfriend I show it a lot.” Song Joong Ki was kind enough to exhibit his aegyo on set which caused the interviewer to blush heavily in the aftermath.

So, is he in a relationship now or not? Netizens are speculating that since he revealed his dating techniques, he might not be seeing someone now. Others, however, are arguing that Song Joong Ki is confident enough to endure the backlash of inquiry.

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Source + Photos: Nate