IU transforms into Rain + performs “Peach” on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’

The nation’s little sister IU tossed aside her adorable charms and displayed her swag with a pair of sunglasses and a red leather jacket.

On the May 25th episode of KBS ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, IU put on a powerful dance performance of Rain‘s “Rainism“.

The singer confidently pulled off each trademark move without appearing awkward, but looked extremely embarrassed when sitting with MC Yoo Hee Yeol after her stage performance.

“The dance was awesome, much better than Rain (pause)… the backdancers, I mean,” the MC joked, causing IU’s face to further grow red to match her jacket.

“IU was amazing too. Your braided hair made me feel as though I was watching a scene out of a historical drama,” he continued to joke, trying to make IU feel less nervous.

“I’m so bewildered right now. [The nerves] made me physically sick,” IU said, giving a bashful smile.

IU also delivered a performance of her self-composed song, “Peach“, earning the praise of the audience members.

Check out her performances below!

Source & Image: MKSports via Nate
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T-ara’s Eunjung & Lee Jang Woo hold a traditional wedding ceremony in Indonesia

On March 8th, pictures of ‘We Got Married‘ couple T-ara‘s Eunjung and actor Lee Jang Woo getting married in Indonesia surfaced online!

Wearing traditional Indonesian wedding garments, the fan taken pictures show the couple beautifully dressed in red and gold, and holding a ceremony before the locals. Despite the addition of candles and flowers to conjure up a romantic atmosphere, the couple poses with shy expressions on their faces before the camera.

The couple left on March 5th for a four day filming session in Indonesia. This is their second honeymoon following their trip to Malaysia last year.

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver

J.Y. Park regrets letting go of past JYPE trainees

The members of 2AM guest-featured on ‘Radio Star‘ and revealed the list of artists that rose to fame after being cut from JYP Entertainment.

On the March 7th episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star’, 2AM’s Jo Kwon selected 2NE1‘s “I Am The Best” as a song he was envious of.

“CL was once a JYP trainee,” he revealed, surprising the MCs on set. Fellow member Seulong added, “Why we let her go is one of the many mysteries at our office.”

The members also revealed that IU was one singer that J.Y. Park was kicking himself for letting her get away. “J.Y. Park hit the ground in regret,” the boys stated. “Previously, he mentioned that he was going to find out who had cut IU.”

In addition, the group also revealed that B2ST‘s Yoon Doojoon, KARA‘s Goo Hara, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun, and more were also once JYP trainees.

Source & Image : Newsen via Nate

Song Joong Ki acts out an ‘aegyo kiss’ skit with Shin Bora for Gag Concert

Actor Song Joong Ki has snatched up hearts with his explosive aegyo.

On November 7th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Gag Concert‘, Song Joong Ki guested as comedian Shin Bora‘s younger boyfriend.

The actor pretended to be an adorable boyfriend who gets bossed around by his noona girlfriend. When Shin Bora told Song Joong Ki, “When you leave, take a taxi,” she handed him some money, inspiring Song Joong Ki to lean over and kiss her on the cheek.

Excited, Shin Bora added, “Take the best ride and go,” while taking out even more money. Song Joong Ki replied with another kiss on the cheek. He kept up the aegyo act with cute sayings like, “Noona, I’m hungry“, and even whipped out the popular “Bbooing, Bbooing” expression from MBC’s ‘High Kick 3‘.

Song Joong Ki’s skit was a big hit with the audience, but it’s also being reported that after the recording of the show, the actor ordered chicken for all 100 comedians and staff members on set.

SNSD’s Jessica talks about a scary incident with a stalker

During a recent recording of the popular variety show ‘Strong Heart’, SNSD member Jessica revealed a shocking story of an incident with a stalker.

She stated,

“One day after a late dinner with friends, I was returning to our dorm apartment from a taxi and there was a suspicious man with an umbrella standing outside. I thought he was someone who lived in the same complex, but I knew something wasn’t right.”

She continued,

“I told my friends to go on ahead and pressed the code to go into the dormitory. I lived on the third floor, but the elevator was on the sixth, so I decided to walk up the stairs. I had weird feeling so I turned around, and saw that an umbrella was stuck between the glass door to bypass the password protection. He was able to open the door and come in. I ran up the stairs as quickly as I could, but heard his footsteps following right behind me. I thought maybe that person also lived on the third floor or maybe the fourth. His footsteps became faster, so I ran to the dorm.

Once I got inside, I heard the man trying to yank open our door. I stayed in there quietly with the lights off and checked my phone. My friends had called me a number of times. When I called them back, they had told me the taxi driver that dropped me off told them there was something suspicious about the guy they had seen standing outside. So they had called to check up on me. I told them what happened, and my friends arrived to the dorm and the man fled. Later when I talked to other SNSD members about it, they told me that they had also seen a guy with an umbrella standing outside the building a few days before as well.”

Former cast member Song Joong Ki to make a surprise ‘Running Man’ appearance

Song Joong Ki is set to appear on SBS’s “Running Man“ after a long absence.

At a recent filming of Running Man in Daejeon, the members of Running Man were surprised as former cast member, Song Joong Ki, appeared on the set.

The members commented, “Although Song Joong Ki was away for a long period, it feels as if he was here the whole time“, showing their welcoming sentiments toward Joong Ki.

On this day, actress Kim Sun Ah also appeared as a special guest to compete in the ‘Nationwide Tour Race‘ special, racing from Daejeon to Seoul.

This episode of “Running Man” will air on October 30th.